Who we are?

Our mission is to produce high-quality hemp extract which is designed to benefit our customers without harming the planet. We want to educate, inform and inspire people about the wide range of health benefits that full spectrum hemp can provide.

What makes us tick?

We’re passionate about the impact that hemp extract can have on quality of life for those who are in pain or suffering from health complaints. Whether for our customers or their pets, we are driven by our desire to create natural hemp products that can put the joy back into daily life. 

Proudly U.S. Grown

Our hemp is grown by U.S. farmers as sustainably is possible. The extract is only as good as the plant, which is why we insist on organically grown, GMO-free hemp that hasn’t been tarnished with fertilizers, solvents or pesticides. We wouldn’t want to consume unnecessary chemicals, so we don’t expect you or your pet to either.